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  • April 20, 2018

Honouring Women and Girls in Kitchener

Meet Kitchener’s Leading Women and Leading Girls of 2018

Honouring Women and Girls in Kitchener 

Meet Kitchener’s Leading Women and Leading Girls of 2018



April 20, 2018


They range in age from 7 to 70, and represent a diversity of experiences, skills, and passions.  They work hard, give back to the community and lead by example.  Every day, they make our province a better place to live.    

The week of April 15th marks National Volunteer Week in Canada, and Ontario is celebrating this week by recognizing the exceptional leadership of women and girls across the province, including right here in Kitchener.   

Today, MPP Daiene Vernile is recognizing the women and girls who are leading change in their communities.  The Leading Women/Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition program celebrates women and girls whose volunteer work has improved the lives of others in their community.  Since 2006, Ontario has recognized nearly 1000 leading women and girls.


This year’s recipients from Kitchener are:

  • Anna Puopolo
  • Catherine Morgado
  • Devon Spier
  • Jennifer Gordon
  • Julie Barker-Merz
  • Laura Flatt
  • Melanie Masson
  • Sara Wideman
  • Shirley Hambly
  • Tara Parachuk
  • Trudy Beaulne


The leadership of women and girls is fundamental to building a brighter future and a more equal society for all of us.  This award celebrates women and girls whose hard work and contributions inspire others to take a leading role in their community.  Think about the women and girls making a difference where you live and consider nominating them for next year’s award.

Celebrating the leadership of mothers, sisters, and daughters in our communities supports the government’s plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.  The Ontario Government is honoured to work with women’s groups and community organizations across the province to support women and girls, advance women’s equality, and improve their economic security.


Learn more about the Leading Women, Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Program.




“The Leading Women Leading Girls recognition program is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate individuals in our community who give selflessly of their time to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.  The impact that these eleven women and girls have had in the Waterloo Region community will certainly last for years to come, and will likely inspire others to engage in similar ways.  Congratulations to all of Kitchener’s award winners!”   


— Daiene Vernile, MPP Kitchener Centre









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